Market novelties for SME’s from Progress Holding Sp. Z o.o. (May 2018).

Changes and news in the field of legislation and taxes (introduced and planned).


Company news in June 2018.

Preliminary results on completion of spring field company.


Tendencies of Ukrainian agrarian market in May 2018.

Representing to your attention a brief overview of the Ukrainian agrarian sector news.


The ECHR decision on recognition as unlawful the prohibition on land selling.

As we wrote earlier, on January 1 2018, the President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, once again signed a law, which extended moratorium on sale or alienation in any other way agricultural lands for 1 one year.


Beginning of the construction of thermal power station (TPS).

It is a well-known fact, that biomass is a renewable and environmentally friendly source of energy,interest to which grows steadily all over the world.


Successful completion of spring field works.

Our company agronomical service specialists made a checkup on condition of winter crop shoots.


Tendencies of Ukrainian agrarian market in April 2018

April 2018 brought us so long awaited warming. However, worth noting, it appeared to be more than sudden and global.


Spring field works and meteorological insurance

Spring this year was much snowy than winter. On average, the amount of precipitation in March was 150-200% of the norm.


Launch of new oil extraction plant

Finally is the day when we are happy to share the news that the construction of the innovative oil extraction plant of the Group of Companies “Agroliga” is completed!


Tendencies of Ukrainian agrarian market in March 2018

March 2018 was not rich in interesting and important news. The main news throughout the month was the weather which in contrary to country saying and forecasts,


Still winter

Due to the fact that March did not bring the warming desired for all, but on the contrary, it turned out to be very snowy, we are forced to report that the beginning of spring field work is postponed for at least two weeks. Nature has its plans for this year, but this situation is […]


A new enterprise LLC “AGL Energy LTD”

In accordance with the medium-term plans to further expand the business of the “Agroliga” Group the management has started a new project in the field of bio-energy.


Preparation for sowing

Recall that due to extremely arid autumn, our specialists decided to completely abandon the sowing of winter rapeseed and the sown areas for winter wheat and barley were increased to 2500 hectares.


Land reform of the State Corporation “Agroliga”

It is known that the land lease contract comes into force from the moment of state registration of the lease right.


Tendencies of the agrarian market of Ukraine in February 2018

As we announced earlier, we continue to practice the coverage of monthly key news in the Ukrainian agrarian sector. Let’s start with the global and Ukrainian news. At the beginning of the month, the world was shocked by news about the collapse of stock indices in the US and Asia. However, according to the expert, […]


Wintering of winter crops

Despite that the winter of 2017-2018 did not bring much precipitation and it can be called a little snow winter, it was not frosty.


Moratorium for the sale or alienation of agricultural land by other means.

Initially, the law on the moratorium was introduced by the Verkhovna Rada in January 2001 and provided for short-term action until new law


Tendencies of the agrarian market in Ukraine as of January 2018.

Currently, the results are summarized and we can suggest familiarizing with the main figures and trends for 2017.


New innovative oil-extraction plant

Prior to launch of new innovative oil-extraction plant of the group of companies “Agroliga”, there remains a period that is already counted in dozens of days.


Dear colleagues, friends and partners!

On behalf of “Agroliga” company, accept my warmest congratulations with the coming New Year 2018 and Merry Christmas!The expiring year was difficult and challenging, but we managed to overcome the difficulties, become stronger and make considerable progress. What exactly the New Year will bring us, is up to each of you and us, as a […]


Results of 2017

Summing up the expiring 2017, we offer you to get a quick view of general trends in agrarian market of Ukraine.


The group of companies “Agroliga” congratulates all workers of the agro-industrial complex on the professional holiday – the Day of the Agricultural Worker of Ukraine!

Annually, every third Sunday of November is marked with the Day of Agricultural Workers – a professional holiday for workers of this sphere, enterprises that process agricultural raw materials and food industry.


Rescheduling of putting into operation new plant

As of the 1st of December of the current year, the general contractor responsible for the project has announced the need to delay commissioning of the fourth (final) construction phase of the new oil-extracting factory.


The “Agroliga” company which has been actively introducing modern technologies

The “Agroliga” company which has been actively introducing modern technologies and new selection seed varieties has once again proved its effectiveness. One need only look at the latest achievements to see this.


Extraction plant construction

Agroliga Group starts construction of a modern sunflower crushing plant with extraction capacity. The crushing capacity is planned for 170 000 t sunflower seed per year. The first phase of the plant provides processing of 100 000 tons of sunflower seed per year. It will be put into operation in September -October 2017.After extensive analyses […]


Spring works

The agro-industrial Agroliga Group is fully prepared for the beginning of spring field work.