Board of Directors

Berdnik Alexander Nikolaevich.

Chairman of the Board. Founder of the company.

He studied at the Faculty of Economics of the Kharkov Institute of Public Catering and Trade. Since 1990, he started commercial activity; in 1998 he went into agribusiness. In 2001, on the basis of the former collective farm, he founded the “Agroliga” company which for the period of ten years grew into a group of companies and found a firm place in the agricultural products market.


Poplavskaya Irina Yudovna.

Executive Director. Founder of the company.

She graduated from the Kharkov Institute of Engineering and Economics with a degree in “Organization of mechanized processing of economic information”. She has been engaged in business since 1986, from 1992 and till now – together with A.N. Berdnik. In 1998, she launched the oil processing for the first time.