The agro-industrial Agroliga Group is fully prepared for the beginning of spring field work.

“It is evident that a good harvest depends significantly on the invested resources – material and human – and it is unacceptable to skimp on these elements. Even people say: what goes around comes around. Therefore, we only sow high-grade seeds from recognized manufacturers such as Syngenta, Limagrain, KBC. We put into operation a highly efficient technique, which is equipped with the latest GPS navigation technology, and all the personnel have completed regular specialized training. This year we plan to sow about 3 thousand hectares of sunflower, 1 thousand hectares of barley, 600 hectares of corn,” – said Alexander Berdnik, the president of AgroligaGroup.

“There are no trifles in the preparation for spring sowing; it is not so important what to sow, but it is important to do it in a timely manner. Everything necessary – a stock of seeds, fertilizers, fuel – must be provided in advance in order to perform the sowing campaign within an optimum time frame,” – noted Alexander Nikolaevich.

“In our country, agriculture is not a boring, measured business, but a GAME with a capital letter. Playing with the circumstances that are difficult to predict and difficult to change. And there are no ready-made universal solutions or strategies planned in advance, known to be winning. No one can guarantee that the seeds sown in autumn will overwinter, sprout, slaughter and give a good harvest. Despite all the perceived difficulties, in autumn we sowed about 3,400 hectares of land with winter crops, of which 58% of wheat, 31% of rapeseed, 11% of barley. The safety of sprouting after wintering is approximately 95%. Favorable weather conditions in the winter 2016/2017 augur well for high yields,” – said the chief agronomist Vladimir Drachuk.