“Agroliga” company is engaged in cultivation of agricultural crops, diary farming, sunflower processing and oil production. The structure of holding includes 9 companies, which provide the full production cycle: cultivation of crops, its storage, processing and sale.

The company was set up in 1992, having engaged in sunflower processing at two oil-extracting factories in the region, offering to buy sunflower oil in Ukraine at competitive prices. But the company is not complacent and gradually expands its fields.

All enterprises of AgroligaGroup are located in the Kharkov Region.

Main activities are:

Cultivation of sunflower, rapeseed, corn, buckwheat, wheat and barley;

Dairy farming;

Sunflower processing in oil;

Provision of services of the certified reception center of grain and an elevator.

The “Agroliga” company cultivates about 10 thousand hectares of agricultural lands and constantly increases their number. It has a large modern fleet of farmig machinery.

The modern warehouse complex, elevator, oil-extracting factory with a processing capacity of 35 thousand tons of sunflower seeds per year are managed by the holding. If you need to buy oil in Ukraine – the “Agroliga” company will be a reliable supplier of the necessary product.

Development strategy of the enterprise implies the transition to extensive processing of sunflower and the production of refined oil. In this regard, the building of a modern oil-extracting factory in Ukraine with a processing capacity of 170,000 tons of sunflower per year has been launched.

A retail trading stamp was also registered for brand promotion on the market. Buying sunflower oil in Ukraine produced by “Agroliga” will become much easier for the final consumer.

And it is just a beginning, the “Agroliga” company is aimed at steady growth and development.