Agroliga” Group of companies (Agroliga Group) brings together a number of dynamically
developing medium-sized companies that operate in the
agriculture sector of Ukraine

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AgroHolding "Agroliga Group" according to the rating of "Latifundist" magazine it's a large holding in Ukraine, which includes a number of dynamically developing medium-sized companies. Since its founding (1992) to the present day, our agrarian company (agro-company in Ukraine) has been able to accumulate immense experience in agricultural production, which the Agroliga Group employees skillfully use. Our holding company uses advanced technologies aimed at producing high-quality and high-yield crops, as well as modern equipment and agricultural machinery.

Currently, our company group consists of:

- Agro-enterprises processing about 10,000 hectares.

- Creamery, which operates on pressing technology and processed more than 35,000 tons of sunflower a year until 2017 inclusive, and about 42,000 tons from 2018.

- Creamery, which operates using extraction technology, with an initial processing capacity of 110,000 tons of sunflower a year, with a phased increasing up to 170,000 tons.

- Enterprise under construction, the main activity of which will be the production and sales of electricity under the "green tariff".

The entrepreneurial activity of our holding includes several directions at once, where the main priority is the trade in agricultural products, which is grown on its own fields in ecologically clean regions of our country.

Among the main activities of the Agroholding:

- Growing a wide range of cereals.

- Processing sunflower in oil.

- Dairy farming.

The high efficiency of the Agro-Holding Agroliga Group, as well as the potential of agricultural development in Ukraine, create a solid foundation for the successful operation of the holding. Therefore, investments in the agrarian sector of Ukraine will be relevant in the near future. Foreign investors, as well as international financial institutions, focus on the prospects of agrarians and agroholdings in Ukraine.