Winter crops.

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The current winter period, perhaps, is a kind of prototype of future weather conditions in winter, when, according to climatologists, a real winter with frost and snow will last only one month – January.

Indeed, last December turned out to be relatively warm – the average air temperature for the month was 1.8 °C above the climatic norm, it is predicted that February will not be so cold, when January turned out to be quite frosty and snowy, with sufficient snow cover on the fields, which could not please us, given the rather low reserves of productive moisture in the soil at the time of the completion of the autumn vegetation in most grain-growing regions of the country.

The general condition of winter grain crops is characterized mainly as good and satisfactory.

In general, the weather conditions during most of the winter period were quite favorable for the overwintering of winter crops, as evidenced by the current state of crops and hydrothermal indicators. However, the final stages of winter  plants rest can be difficult, since the alternation of low temperatures with prolonged thaws leads to their depletion, a critical decrease in the content of carbohydrates in the tillering nodes and, as a result, a loss of frost resistance. Therefore, the spring return of cold weather often causes damage and death of crops even with relatively slight frosts. In the short term, given the possible arrival of early spring, among the top priorities for us is to carry out top dressing of underdeveloped crops and survey fields of winter crops in order to determine a further strategy for combating weeds, diseases and pests.

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