Results of 2021.

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Let us sum up the results of 2021 and go through its key events in Ukraine and the world.

In 2021, Ukraine harvested a record crop of grain, legumes and oilseeds of 106 million tons. In particular, UAH 84 million were harvested for grain and legumes, 22.6 million tons for oilseeds. Last year, the harvest of cereals and legumes amounted to about 65.5 million tons, oilseeds – 18.5 million tons. Wheat was harvested 32.4 million tons against 25.1 million tons a year ago, barley – 10 million tons (7.8 million tons), buckwheat – 110 thousand tons (106.5 thousand tons), corn – 40 million tons (35.9 million tons), peas – 581.5 thousand tons (516.2 thousand tons), millet – 191 thousand tons (244 thousand tons). According to the minister, the sunflower harvest amounted to 16.3 million tons (13.1 million tons), soybeans – 3.4 million tons (2.8 million tons) and rapeseed – 2.9 million tons (2.6 million tons).

Sunflower prices in the Ukrainian market fell to a three-month low as falling crude oil prices put pressure on the vegetable oil complex, and the revival of a new type of COVID-19 raises concerns about tightening restrictions on movement in Europe. Prices for Ukrainian sunflower oil for shipment in February fell by an average of $ 25 per tonne per day over the past few days and now stand at $ 1,288 per tonne FOB, almost reaching their lowest level since the start of the 2021/22 season. Under the influence of a wider fall in the oilseed complex, sunflower prices have decreased over the last week by more than UAH 1,500-2,000 per tonne ($ 55-73 per tonne) and now amount to $ 18,500-19,500 per tonne ($ 678-715 per tonne). However, sunflower supplies remain minimal and plant availability low, while processors believe that the New Year holidays and the availability of sufficient working capital for farmers means they are unlikely to start selling sunflower seeds earlier than February.

World wheat prices hit a record high since 2011. The average value of The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Cereal Price Index in November was 141.5 points, which is 4.3 points (3.1%) higher than the October figure and 26.6 points (23.2%) higher indicator of last year. Wheat prices reportedly continued to rise for the fifth straight month, reaching their highest level since May 2011, driven by strong demand amid limited supply, particularly from major exporters of high-quality wheat.

Ukraine will consider the possibility of limiting the export of milling wheat in the first half of 2022. Officials are expected to make a decision on the matter in mid-January.

For 9 months of 2021, the turnover of trade in agri-food products between Ukraine and Asia increased against last year’s indicators for the corresponding period by 20% and amounted to $ 10 billion. This happened as a result of the growth of domestic exports (+ $ 1.5 billion), which exceeded the growth of imports from the Asian region (+ $ 0.1 billion). The main trade partners for Ukraine in Asia in the context of exports this year are China, India, Turkey, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan and Israel. In total, these countries accumulate more than 4/5 of the value of sales to this region. As food suppliers, the largest domestic importing companies in terms of value purchase to Turkey, Indonesia, China and India, where 76% of all Asian imports come from.

The year was calm for Agroliga. We did not build factories or heating plants. However, we held a meeting of shareholders, paid dividends in full, reaped a good harvest and completed sowing of winter crops, including rapeseed.

We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who worked for the well-being of our company, to everyone who, with their daily work, contributed to the success of the common cause. On these pre-holiday days, we look to the future with hope, we are in anticipation of bright events and good deeds. Let the coming year be a year of creative and fruitful work, a time of new achievements.

With kind regards, team of GC “Agroliga”.

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