Tendencies of Ukrainian agrarian market in August 2021.

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Traditionally, representing to your attention a brief overview of the world and Ukrainian agrarian sector news.

State Oschadbank began lending Ukrainian farmers without deposit. The bank noted that it is possible to obtain financing without guarantee to replenish working capital. The maximum amount of such a loan is UAH 3 million with the possibility of increasing it to 5 million.

USDA analysts have increased the forecast for the wheat harvest in 2021/22 MY in Ukraine to 33 million tons, which is 3 million tons more than the forecast for July (30 million tons). Thus, according to the report, the forecast for wheat exports from Ukraine in 2021/22 MY was increased to 23.5 million tons, which is 2.5 million tons more than the projected volume a month earlier. The final grain balance is projected at 1.8 million tons, which is 0.1 million tons more than the previous forecast (1.7 million tons).

Also, USDA experts increased the forecast for the sunflower harvest in Ukraine by 0.8 million tons to 17.5 million tons (16.7 million tons the previous forecast) in 2021/22 MY. In addition, analysts raised the estimate of sunflower meal production from 6.71 million tons to 6.93 million tons, sunflower oil production – from 6.99 million tons to 7.23 million tons.

According to the USDA report, in 2021/22 MY, the volume of world exports of sunflower oil is projected at 13.19 million tons, which is 19% (2.13 million tons) more than in the previous season (11.07 million tons). At the same time, Ukraine will remain the main exporter of sunflower oil – 6.55 million tons, which is 22% more than the expected volume in 2020/21 MY (5.38 million tons).

The farmers of Ukraine, as of August 19, harvested early grain and leguminous crops on an area of 9.2 million hectares (98% of the forecast) with a yield of 4.44 t / ha, 43.7 million tons of grain of the new crop were threshed. Agroliga is also approaching the end of its early grain harvest campaign and we will announce our results soon.

Agroliga received € 2.56 million in net profit in the second quarter of 2021, which is 2.1 times more than in the same period last year (€ 1.22 million). According to the report, the company’s revenue was € 36.26 million, which is 16% less than in the second quarter of 2020 (€ 42.92 million).

Gross profit of Agroliga in the reporting period amounted to € 3.53 million, which is 32% less than the second quarter of 2020 – € 5.21 million, operating profit – € 2.11 million, decreased by 35% (second quarter of 2020 – € 3.24 million).


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