Tendencies of Ukrainian agrarian market in June 2021.

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Traditionally, representing to your attention a brief overview of the world and Ukrainian agrarian sector news.

According to the USDA report, the forecast of ending world corn stocks in 2020/21 MY and 2021/22 MY was reduced to 280.6 million tons and 289.41 million tons, respectively. According to the report, world corn production in 2020/21 MY is estimated at 1,125.03 million tons, exports – 187.04 million tons. USDA experts expect that corn production in Ukraine in 2021/22 MY will amount to 37.5 million tons, which remained at the level of the May forecast, exports – 30.5 million tons, ending stocks – 1.11 million tons.

USDA experts predict an increase in the wheat harvest in 2021/22 MY in Ukraine to 29.5 million tons, which is 0.5 million tons more than the forecast for May. According to analysts, the forecast for the world wheat harvest in 2021/22 MY was increased to 794.44 million tons, which is 5.46 million tons more than the forecast for May. The forecast for world wheat exports is increased by 0.8 million tons and is expected at 203.22 million tons.

The volume of world production of sunflower oil in 2021/22 MY is forecasted at the level of 21.15 million tons, which is 1.96 million tons or 10% more than expected in 2020/21 MY (19.2 million tons). USDA experts did not change the forecast for the world sunflower harvest and left it at 54.92 million tons, which is 5.2 million tons or 10% higher than 2020/21 MY (49.72 million tons). World production of sunflower meal is expected at 22.56 million tons, which is 1.96 million tons or 10% more in 2020/21 MY (20.6 million tons). In addition, the sunflower harvest in Ukraine is projected at 16.7 million tons, which is 2.6 million tons or 18% higher than the harvest in 2020/21 MY. Analysts also predict an increase in sunflower oil production in Ukraine by 18% to 6.99 million tons (2020/21 MY – 5.93 million tons), sunflower meal production – by 1.11 or 19% to 6.71 million tons (2020 / 21 MG – 6.7 million tons). The main exporter of sunflower oil will remain Ukraine – 6.4 million tons, which is 19% more than the expected volume in 2020/21 MY (5.38 million tons).

Export prices for crude sunflower oil from Ukraine fell sharply on June 17, 2021, when supply prices lost approximately $ 100 per tonne in one day. Analysts noted that extremely low external demand, coupled with lower prices for soybean oil, led to a drop in prices for Ukrainian sunflower oil to a 6-month low. External demand for sunflower oil has been very low in recent months due to extremely high prices.

At a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on June 16, the Procedure for verifying the compliance of the purchaser or owner of a land plot for agricultural purposes with the requirements in accordance with Art. 130 of the Land Code of Ukraine. And at the end of the month, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed a bill on land auctions.

Agroliga is in preparation for harvesting winter crops. And also, in anticipation of a phenomenal harvest, since abundant rainfall provided optimal conditions for the ripening of all winter and spring crops. If the rainy and warm weather is not followed by heat, the harvest promises to break all records.

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