Winter crops check and completion of spring field work.

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Late spring and lack of heat led to the fact that the phase development of plants, both winter and spring crops, occurs two weeks later than usual.

Nevertheless, at the moment the condition of 92.9% of winter crops фку evaluated as good and satisfactory.

Fertilization of winter grain crops with nitrogen fertilizers was carried out. In the future, it is already planned to feed winter crops with micronutrient fertilizers, microelements and preparations for growth regulating.

During the sowing campaign, we traditionally sowed spring wheat and barley, and sunflower.

Excessive moisture in the topsoil made it difficult to complete the sowing of early grain crops and sowing industrial crops. During the first ten days of May, they continued sowing spring grains and legumes, applied fertilizers, prepared the soil for sowing late crops. When it rained, work in the field was stopped.

Even though a large amount of moisture postponed the final of the sowing campaign, first of all, it significantly increased the potential for both winter and spring crops. This year, another record harvest is expected throughout Ukraine. Warm wet spring also dispelled all our doubts and fears.

The start of field work was preceded by the implementation of all planned agrotechnical measures for soil preparation: harrowing, treatment with plant protection products and the introduction of the necessary mineral fertilizers. Despite the sharp temperature drops that interfered with the sowing campaign, in a short time we carried out all the comprehensive measures, which made it possible to lay the foundation for the future harvest.

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