Winter crops 2021.

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We are ready to share good news on the state of winter crops this spring.

   Initially, we sowed all winter crops using the monolith method. For a long time, the temperature was above average, winter crops were naked and there were serious fears that there would be insufficient moisture, and the parasites would remain in a viable state, which would lead to the loss of most of the winter crops in spring due to lack of moisture, and the survivors would either die from parasites, or will require a large amount of insecticides. We managed to include significant sums in the budget for additional treatment of plants.

   However, the weather conditions have improved. During frosts, the snow cover reached 25 cm. And compared to last year, the weather can definitely be called even better, since, as a result, there will be more moisture in the soil, and short-term severe frosts destroyed the larvae of harmful insects. At the same time, the costs of insecticides have been optimized.

   At the end of February, we encountered such a phenomenon as ice crusts. However, this phenomenon was not global in nature and did not damage winter crops. The temperature rose to + 7-12 ° C, the crusts melted and their negative impact during this period of winter is minimal. Therefore, we do not expect damage to winter crops due to the ice crust at all.

   Plants of winter grain crops today are in a state of winter rest, no threatening phenomena for overwintering are observed.

  Together with winter, a very important period for the harvest of winter crops ends – the overwintering period. We passed it successfully. Now work is underway to feed winter crops and prepare for the spring sowing season. We will also write about this shortly.

With kind regards, team of GC “Agroliga”.

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