Harvest season opening and TPS launch.

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Nature behaves differently every single year, and it’s such a pleasure to observe.

It is not possible to predict the development of natural phenomena, it remains only to constantly keep a finger on the pulse and instantly react to the slightest changes. This year with a very warm, snowless winter with little rainfall, which endangered the future harvest. But the spring was cool, long and very rich in precipitation, completely compensating for the lack of moisture in the soil.

The optimal moisture content of the barley made it possible to start harvesting it first. The harvesting of winter rape, which was sown by us for the first time in the last few years, also started with a delay of several days. Harvesting is almost complete, but we will be able to voice specific figures on the results a little later. At the moment, it is only quite obvious that the yield of these crops is very good and has a high potential.

Two years ago we announced the start of the construction of our TPS. The construction itself was accompanied by many difficulties, the location was postponed, equipment suppliers were replaced, contracts were renewed, foreign specialists were involved, the work of which the global pandemic intervened. Having gone all the way, we are pleased to announce the launch of the TPS. It is not yet operating at full capacity, but is already transferring energy to the grid. Every month the turnover will grow and we plan to reach the maximum capacity by about the New Year.

Both of our plants and the construction of a thermal power station are direct evidence that self-belief, perseverance, work and strict adherence to the dreams and goals will undoubtedly lead to the desired.

With kind regards, team of GC “Agroliga”.

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