Summer 2020.

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In March-April of this year, there was a rainfall deficit throughout the Ukraine.

Rains in early May relieved drought stress in many parts of the country. And hot and humid June allowed the plants to grow according to the best scenario.

The Agroliga company has already begun harvesting winter rapeseed on an area of 760 hectares. This year, the state of crops exceeds all the expectations. Plant height reaches 94 – 140 cm. The stage of formation of pods is mainly passed.

Warm June with rains favorably affects the quality and quantity of our other crops, which matures in the fields. Such weather conditions will continue in the near future, which is good for the ripening grain of early spring crops, as well as for corn and sunflower. Experts predict that this year the share of food-grade wheat in the crop will be more than 50%.

And the great news from our company is that even Covid-19 is not able to stop us. Not so long ago, we entered into an agreement with Promatomenergo, which will help us complete the final process of debugging and testing and begin the launch of our thermal power plant, without waiting for the return of foreign specialists. We will inform you of the launch immediately upon completion of all work.

With kind regards, team of GC “Agroliga”.

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