Winter crops 2020.

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“Winter without snow – summer without bread” – used to say in the old times.

The warm and snowless winter, which was established in most of Ukraine, has not yet affected the condition of winter crops. On the calendar is the beginning of February, and there was no winter as such.

Aa for now, there is nothing to worry about: winter crops that we sowed in the fields have southern genes in their lineage, which means that they found themselves in familiar conditions. This is precisely the case when the precaution was not taken in vain, because for the sowing we chose highly productive and resistant to the challenges varieties of winter wheat and rape. Thus, in terms of genetics, planting material was ready for such a European winter. Warm weather at this time of year is uncritical for these sorts. And in December – January, and also in the first half of February, winter crops rarely fall.

The most critical time for winter crops is the end of February and March. If at this time the temperature fluctuates slightly, not scary. But if frosts strike sharply, and in the absence of a snow cover, winter crops can die. However, winter crops in the presence of snow cover can withstand up to 25 degrees of frost.

That is why the winter crop in 2020 is an equation with many unknowns.

There is nothing to worry about at the moment. The main thing is that in February – March there should not be a sharp cooling. And so that the current snowless winter does not draw a dry summer, as it was in 2010.

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