Harvest 2019.

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Ukraine is on the verge of announcing the final results on the harvest 2019. However, it is already obvious that the figure of 70 million tons will break last year’s record.

In general, in 2019 there were favorable weather conditions, and the yield of absolutely all crops is harvested at the level of last year. In particular, corn is ahead of last year in yield; its quality is also good. Sunflower and soybeans at the level of last year or slightly lower. But the total shaft is already higher than last year, while not all the harvest has been collected yet.

As of November 1, 2019, 66.7 million tons of grain and leguminous crops were grounded in Ukraine with an area of 14.1 million hectares or 92% of the forecast with an average yield of 4.72 t/ha (in 2018, 4, 36 t/ha). Sunflower farmers harvested 13.8 million tons from an area of 5.6 million hectares, or 96% of the forecast with an average yield of 2.44 t/ha; corn – 23.7 million tons from an area of 3.5 million hectares, or 70% of the forecast with an average yield of 6.78 t/ha.

This year, according to the USDA analytical agency, our country can again collect a record harvest. Forecasts of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine and the US Department of Agriculture indicate the expectation of an increase in the total crop from 4.7% (73.4 million tons) to 7.0% (75 million tons), accordingly. In particular, the U.S. Department of Agriculture predicts that since Ukrainian farmers increased their acreage for corn by 9% to 4.97 million hectares, domestic corn production will reach a record 36 million tons, and exports will reach 30 million tons.

A similar situation with sunflower and the yield of this crop can also be a record for the past five years. However, this year’s big crop ran into a big problems. First of all, we are talking about logistical difficulties. The need to export large volumes of grain creates difficulties with delivery to ports due to problems with rail transportation. The second problem is the significant strengthening of the Ukrainian hryvnia since the beginning of this year, which makes current grain prices (especially corn) extremely unacceptable. Strengthening the local currency leads to the fact that export-oriented goods lose their competitiveness.

Paradoxical is the fact that the strengthening of the state currency somehow eliminates grain records. But the need of Ukrainian producers for working capital and difficulties with storage of crops pushes them to sales, even despite the not very favorable market conditions.

GC “Agroliga” is ready to briefly announce the results of 2018-2019 MY.

In particular, in the context of grain crops, we have milled:

  – winter wheat – 15461.73 tons,

  – winter barley – 11468.66 tons,

  – sunflower – 17850.64 tons,

  – spring barley – 1414.2 tons,

  – corn – 643.42 tons

In general, we are satisfied with the result. The year has passed without extreme conditions for the harvest, and also allowed us to get back again to the sowing of winter rape, which develops perfectly thanks to mild and warm weather conditions.

With kind regards, team of GC “Agroliga”.

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