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Ukraine is one of the leading grain producers in the world.

At the same time, our processing industry is visibly fall behind in development, even though the processing of grain and oilseeds is the basis of the country’s food stability.

GC “Agroliga” launched a modern oil extraction plant for processing a wide range of seeds a little over a year ago. In the first months, the volume of raw materials processing was at the level of 100 thousand tons. And now we are confident to declare that by the end of the current processing season the volume will be increased up to 200 thousand tons per year.

The weather conditions of this season made it impossible to carry out the harvesting of sunflower quickly. A large amount of precipitation in September led to the fact that about 250 ha are still not collected.

However, the good news is the fact that, in contrast to the overwhelming number of regions of Ukraine, where the 2019 harvest is rated below satisfactory due to the low oil content of seeds (not higher than 46%), in our region, where this year generally in the region were favorable weather conditions for growing sunflower, oil content of sunflower seeds is at a level above 48%, which is a very good result.

In the last month, the purchase of raw materials has been actively carried out and the oil extraction plant has already begun to process new sunflower seeds crop. The successful location of our plant in the center of the regions where sunflower is traditionally grown gives us a significant advantage in the availability of raw materials.

At the end of the season, Ukraine increased the production of sunflower oil to 6.5 million tons. The marketing season of 2018/2019, which ended in August, was very successful for the domestic oil and fat industry. Ukrainian enterprises produced 6.9 million tons of vegetable oils, which is 14% more than last season. Of the total production, sunflower oil amounted to almost 6.5 million tons, which is 13% higher than the previous season. According to preliminary estimates, in the new 2019/2020 MY, experts expect a slight decrease in domestic oil production within 3% to 6.7 million tons, of which 6.3 million tons of sunflower oil.

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