Early grains harvesting.

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We are ready to share the results of the completed early grains harvesting.

As we told before, the sown area was distributed between several enterprises, where, though not significantly, the climatic conditions differ. Thus, we have the opportunity to visually see the most attractive, in terms of yield, plots.


Winter wheat was sown on an area of approximately 1000 ha, with an average yield of 6.3 t/ha. Nearly 6,500 tons of crops were harvested.

Crops of winter barley occupied an area of about 170 hectares, brought us almost 1000 tons of yield with a yield of 5.45 t/ha.


Winter wheat developed on an area of almost 600 hectares, with the highest yield of 6.89 t/ha and more than 4000 tons of yield.

Winter barley was sown on an area not exceeding 170 hectares with an average yield of 5.63 t/ha and a total crop weight of about 950 tons.

Spring barley was sown only on the areas of this enterprise on an area of 300 hectares, had a yield of 4.72 t/ha and a total yield of 1,500 tons.


Winter wheat was sown on an area of approximately 500 hectares, with an average yield of 6.4 t/ha and yielded about 3,000 tons of yield in total.

Winter barley was sown on an area of approximately 120 hectares. When harvesting, we received a high level of yield of 6.68 t/ha with a total yield of almost 850 tons.


Winter wheat at this enterprise occupied an area of about 400 hectares, brought almost 2000 tons of yield with a yield of 4.88 t/ha.

Winter barley on Mayak was sown on the smallest area of 90 ha, brought us a little more than 300 tons of crops with a rather low yield of 3.69 t/ha.

However, areas exceeding the above mentioned in volume were allocated for sowing sunflower. The optimal rainfall this season allowed sunflower to absorb all the necessary resources for excellent growth and development. And the almost complete absence of extremely high temperatures will allow us to start cleaning at the traditional terms in September.

We are also pleased to announce that for the first time in the past few years, weather conditions have allowed us to implement a full range of work on rape sowing. The soil is sufficiently moistened, sharp changes in temperature are not predicted, and the whole range of preparatory and sowing work is already underway.

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