Village Day.

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On July 15 the day of village was celebrated in Novoegorovka.

Under ideal temperature conditions, the holiday was attended by a record number of people in recent years. Traditionally, we began with greetings, solemn speeches and awards on the main square near the House of Culture. The holiday was attended by leaders of both local and regional significance. Everyone expressed gratitude, uttered words of farewell and wished the best for the community as a whole, and for each individual resident of the village.

The hosts of the holiday from their hearts greeted their fellow villagers with warm words. They recalled old-timers, a large family, a young resident, birthday men and other residents of the community.

The main entertainments of this day were prepared for the youngest guests of the holiday. Children willingly competed in fun contests. The winners were treated to sweets and gifts.

For everyone, a magnificent holiday table was laid with various treats and drinks. The music played loudly, drowning out the laughter and rave cheers from the children. A crown of celebration was a long, bright and loud salute. The holiday was over, and people did not want to go home, because positive emotions and joy overwhelmed everyone.

So it remains to wish the community in the future such unity, which they have showen during the celebration of the Day of the village. We wish the village the heyday and well-being of the community. We trust that such holidays give people hope for a better life and encourage them to believe in themselves and in their abilities.

With kind regards, team of GC “Agroliga”.

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