The harvest season opening.

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We are happy to announce that Agroliga has started harvesting early grains.

In recent years, the development of plants goes ahead of average terms. And the June high temperature significantly accelerated the development of events. The main thing when high quality harvesting is the modern organization of labor, high-performance equipment and qualified specialists. All this was prepared by us in advance.

Harvest started as scheduled, being fully prepared both technically and operationally. According to the first results, winter barley has already been fully threshed. The total area was about 550 hectares with yields ranging from 53 to 59 centners per hectare. The optimum moisture content of barley allowed to collect it primarily.

The most objective indicator of grain ripeness is its humidity, which is determined by a moisture meter. It is established that wax ripeness of grain occurs at a moisture content of 35-40%. An important role in reducing losses is also assigned to organizational work. Harvesting winter wheat usually begins after the end of the harvest of winter barley. We have already started harvesting winter wheat on an area just above 2,900 hectares. According to the first data, the predicted yield is determined at a level of up to 60 centners per hectare.

Immediately upon the completion of the wheat harvest, we will proceed to harvesting the spring barley. According to preliminary results of field studies, the area of 420 ha under spring barley has a very good yield potential.

Our specialists continue to closely monitor the progress of field work, both in harvesting and in the condition of spring crops, the need for possible additional foliar application or repeated insecticidal treatment. Leaf diagnostics is constantly carried out and at the moment the spring crops are in very good condition.

With kind regards, team of GC “Agroliga”.

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