Exactly a year ago, we announced the launch of our new oil extraction plant. The launch in April gave us an opportunity to carry out all adjustment works long before the grand opening in September 2018.

To reach the production figures, commissioning was scheduled to take place within 3 months. However, there were several factors that stretched the process. One of the main factors was the short processing season of the 2017/2018 marketing year. Thus, it was possible to complete the adjustment works only by the beginning of the new season – September-October 2019. However, starting up during the period of high level of raw materials, we still did not lose. Being confident that all systems are well balanced, harmoniously interacted with each other, and the work was implemented qualitatively, in the new season we reached the rated output capacity with the export characteristics of the finished product.

Already in the first quarter of 2019, we were able to reach the planned figures and achieve a processing of 45 thousand tons. Currently, the plant has a planned annual processing capacity of about 180 thousand tons.

It should be mentioned that the plant was built with the prospect of reconfiguring equipment for the extraction of soybean and rapeseed oil without additional investment in equipment. But taking into account the fact that the weather of the last two years did not give us the opportunity to do the sowing of the above crops, the reconfiguration of equipment still remains only in perspective.

High levels of automation and technological equipment allow us to employ 247 personnel. Special laboratory staff at the plants conduct continuous 24-hour monitoring of the parameters of the finished product. Production is automated and production waste is used to generate compressed steam at a pressure of 15 atmospheres, which is then used in other technological processes. A short logistical route for the delivery of raw materials allows us to have a competitive advantage in the raw materials supply market.

Alexander Berdnik, President of the Group of Companies Agroliga, expresses immense gratitude to all those who was directly involved in the launch of the plant: “Of course, without the active participation of all parties to the process, we would not have succeeded. Special thanks to our employees who, sacrificing their free time detained at work to bring all the processes up to the ideal. We are very grateful to our shareholders, who believed in us despite the postponement of the initial launch date. We thank all the subcontracted teams for strict compliance with the requirements again and again. We are also grateful to the staff of all state institutions who have shown loyalty and understanding. I thank everyone for the fruitful cooperation. Difficult path passed, but the desired result is achieved. “

Fully built from scratch, able to “work” with different cultures, “ecologically friendly”, our plant is our pride, one of our most serious achievements at the moment. We are incredibly pleased that a project that has overcome many obstacles, passed through all the bureaucratic and financial difficulties, can already be called fully accomplished. And, as you know, we are already absorbed in the next, equally important project.

With kind regards, team of GC “Agroliga”.