Having waited for the 20th of March, when winter traditionally declares itself, we are pleased to announce the start of spring field works. Thanks to the weather, optimal meteorological conditions are achieved for the planned works.

In accordance to the technological maps, fertilizers were applied for spring crops. In connection with the increase of air temperature and the formation of physical maturity of the soil, the early spring closure of moisture is conducted.

This year the sown areas are distributed as follows:

Monitoring of the state of winter crops continues, and from the first decade of March, work has begun on their feeding. At present, proportion the of fertilized area is 79%.

The spring sowing campaign in 2019 will cost us for 15% more than previous year. First of all, the cost of material and technical resources has increased, and other expenses are growing. About a third of the total expenditure on sowing took the costs of mineral fertilizers.

Certainly, the beginning of the spring campaign was preceded by a series of planned agrotechnical measures, such as the preparation and processing of soil and plants, the introduction of micronutrients, microelements and preparations for growth regulation. Without a hitch and delay, we carried out all comprehensive measures to lay the foundation for the next harvest. We are fully prepared for the start of spring field work.

With kind regards, team of GC “Agroliga”.