As it was announced earlier, we started the construction of a thermal power station (TPS), which will work with the sunflower husk produced in the process of producing oil at the plants belonging to the group.

We fully received funding and equity participation of GC “Agroliga” will be 50%.

Despite the initial construction plan on the territory of our first oil press plant, another land plot was chosen, which is located almost in the middle between the new and the old plants. The change in the choice of location is due to a number of factors, the main ones being proximity to the place of connection to electrical receiving networks and remoteness from residential areas. On the territory there are already networks and a well with the water debit necessary for the operation of the TPS.

At the moment, active negotiations are underway to sign all the necessary documents with one of the electricity transmission organizations with the most favorable technical conditions for connecting to the power nets.

The equipment ordered in advance, namely the steam turbine unit, was tested in February at the manufacturer factory. After final testing, previously in April, the turbine will be sent to Ukraine and mounted in May for the first tests in real-life conditions. The production of steam boilers was divided into two parts, when one part of the work is carried out in Bulgaria, and the main one- in Ukraine. In both cases, payments have already been made and work has begun.

At the end of construction, the complex will be a structure equipped with two steam boiler units with a steam generating capacity of 16 tons / hour each, one 7 MW condensing steam turbine installation, an ash removal system, a control room with a single work station for control, a dry cooling tower with a closed water cooling system, a chemical preparation system, emissions monitoring system, a cleaning system that allows to remove 99% of the ash and will comply with Ukrainian and European standards, fuel supply system itself (husk or sunflower pellets).

Sunflower husk / husk is an environmentally friendly renewable fuel and its processing technology remains one of the most common. In the process of recasting of sunflower, we get a fairly large percentage of husk waste (about 14% of the total mass of sunflower seeds), which was previously considered waste. Now we are purposefully moving towards waste-free production.

Thus, in addition to waste-free production, we get freedom at any time, if necessary, to fully provide the group’s enterprises with the energy generated by the TPS. The close proximity to the resource base releases us from having to incur any logistic costs. The almost fully automated process eliminates the need to hire a large number of employees.

Not unimportant factor is also a clear prospect of obtaining additional income through the sale of “green” energy, as to stimulate the development of alternative energy sources, the state buys electricity from private and legal entities at a higher rate, which is valid until 2030, what causes high profitability project.

The process of generating energy from waste, known in the world as WTE (WASTE to ENERGY), is a modern way to fight the waste of civilization. The technology of obtaining energy from waste simultaneously solves two problems – it restores and maintains the fragile ecological balance and provides clean energy, the need for which is only growing.

Previously, the deadline for completion of construction and the start of power generation is scheduled for the end of 2019. Specifying the exact date is impractical, since even factors that are uncontrollable to control or planning can intervene in a carefully thought-out plan. We can only say that at the moment the construction progress is moving according to the previously planned deadlines and should not take a lot of time. We are incredibly excited and proud of how quickly and easily our company develops. And of course, we will not stop there.

With kind regards, team of GC “Agroliga”.