Let’s sum up the results of 2018 and go over its key events in Ukraine and the world.

At the very beginning of the year, agrarian receipts began to operate throughout Ukraine, which contributed to improving access to financial and logistical resources for small and medium-sized agricultural producers against credit starvation. And at the end of the year it was announced about joint planning of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, the National Commission on Securities and the stock market launch of agricultural receipts as securities in the stock market. Since their introduction, farmers have attracted more than 3.3 billion UAH and issued more than 500 receipts.

The weather was memorable in 2018. March was absolutely winter month with a lot of precipitation in the form of snow. April 2018 brought so much awaited warming. True, it is worth noting that it turned out to be more than sudden and global. In fact, nature missed the period of gradual increase in temperature, and from frost we immediately switched to high positive, almost summer, temperatures. The August drought struck most of Europe. In a matter of days, about 30% of plants and about 40% of vegetables in such countries as France, Germany, Netherlands, Great Britain, Poland and others fell. Even in Switzerland, famous alpine pastures were irrigated with the help of military helicopters. Experts already say that such an extreme drought has not happened for 40 years.

At the same time, the grain harvest in Ukraine broke all records. As of November 29, Ukrainian farmers harvested 68.5 million tons of grain from an area of 14.5 million hectares, or 98% of the forecast, with a yield of 47.2 c / ha. In particular, the early grain and leguminous crops threshed 34.3 million tons from an area of 9.9 million hectares with a yield of 34.8 c/ha; corn – 33.3 million tons from an area of 4.3 million hectares, or 95% of the forecast, with a yield of 47.2 c/ha; buckwheat – 136 thousand tons from an area of 108 thousand hectares, or 99% of the forecast with a yield of 12.6 c/ha; millet – 78 thousand tons from an area of 51 thousand hectares, or 98% of the forecast with a yield of 15.4 c/ha. In addition, sunflower collected 13.8 million tons from an area of 6 million hectares (99.8%) with a yield of 22.8 c/ha; soybeans – 4.3 million tons from an area of 1.7 million hectares (99%) with a yield of 25.8 c/ha; rapeseed – 2.7 million tons from an area of 1 million hectares with a yield of 26.1 c/ha. The grain harvest in 2018 has already exceeded the historical maximum of 2016, when 66 million tons of grain were harvested.

On March 14, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine decided to introduce a temporary ban on the import of Russian mineral fertilizers to minimize illegal imports into Ukraine. The Prime Minister of Ukraine, Vladimir Groysman, instructed the Ministry of Economy to prepare all the required decisions before the next meeting of the government.

In the UK, blochchain monitoring system for the delivery of a certain food product have been tested. According to the test results, the head of the FSA information Department noted that blockchain actually works in the food industry.

In 2018 in Ukraine significantly increased sown area under high-oleic sunflower. Gross yield will increase by 20-24% compared with the previous year and will be about 400-420 thousand tons.

On August 22, decision of the European Court of Human Rights regarding the claim of two individuals against Ukraine came into force. According to this decision, the moratorium on the sale of land recognized as violating human rights. It’s noted, that if the State will not abolish the moratorium in the near future, the ECTHR will award monetary compensation for future claimants, which will entail billion losses for Ukraine.

For the first time in the history of Independent Ukraine, a public coalition was established to abolish the moratorium on purchase/sale of agricultural land. The association included representatives of different spheres of activity, whose main demand is lifting of the moratorium from January 1, 2019.

On August 30, 2018 President signed the bill number 7403-d, which keeps a VAT refund when exporting soybeans and rapeseed only for producers, who export these crops abroad themselves.

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine granted the resignation of the Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food Taras Kutovoiy, which he submitted on May 23, 2017.

For Agroliga, the year was again successful. In early spring a new extraction plant was launched. A little later, in the fall, we solemnly opened it, after carrying out all the testing and commissioning work. We participated in a pilot project of Syngenta company for the weather insurance of sunflower crops. Received an award for high-oleic acid content at a high level after harvesting high-oleic sunflower hybrid “Experto”.

Group of companies “Agroliga” decided to test their strength in the implementation of a “green” project. For the construction of this facility we have already allocated a plot of land of 0,35 hectares, which is located on the territory of creamery, which operates on pressing technology. Thus, the TPS will be located in close proximity to raw material base, existing networks and the borehole with necessary for TPS debit of water. In addition to all the above, we have already called for existence of qualified personnel to ensure efficiency  of the TPS.

A large-scale land reform was also carried out at GC “Agroliga”. In order to suppress any frauds as well as to create a modern interactive database of the land bank, the land managers of the company “Agroliga” in cooperation with the legal department did a huge amount of work. More than 1,500 land lease contracts were updated, information bases were created with a description of each plot, and the contours of all fields were measured in high extension using quadrocopters and drones. Thus, we not only secured ourselves, but also introduced a system of accurate farming. It is difficult to overestimate the importance and scope of the work done. And despite the bureaucratic difficulties, we managed to bring the land relations in line with the existing norms of the law, prepare a modern database of contracts and create high-precision digital maps of fields.

In key areas of our activity, production volumes are increasing. And this allows to provide villagers with good work, decent wages and the entire infrastructure for the steady growth of the quality of life. Our company has excellent prospects. We are convinced that together we will continue all positive undertakings and achieve even higher success.

With kind regards, team of GC “Agroliga”.