The premiere of the portal

Marketplace e-commerce was officially launched on 13 September 2018 in Kiev. The portal has all the functionalities and we invite you to register on the website and joint activities for your companies. In addition to the home page, you can still find us on social media:

E-Tax Office

Finance Minister Teresa Czerwińska, during the Economic Forum in Krynica, which took place on September 4, stated that in 4-5 years an e-tax office will be created in Poland. This is going to be a big undertaking that will make the issue of taxes more friendly for us. The communication and work of the National Tax Administration will be improved. It is also intended to improve the detection of possible tax evasion and errors.

Tax on links on the internet

As a result of the EU directive on copyright, otherwise known as ACTA2, adopted on September 12, publishers, creators of a given material or its fragments, which is made available on other websites than the target one, are allowed to download the so-called tax on links. Some parts, according to the directive, are to be available free of charge.

A surprising increase in the use of mobile banking

The use of mobile applications is growing significantly – it is also happening in Poland. According to NetB@nk report of the Polish Bank Association the number of mobile banking users in our country increased by 1 million users in comparison to the previous quarter, obtaining the number of 7 million.

The increase in fuel prices

According to the forecast of fuel market experts, the beginning of October brought an increase in the price of gasoline, diesel oil and autogas. Such significant growth as in the current year has not been recorded for 4 years. This is due to the imposition of sanctions on Iran imposed by Donald Trump, the US president. Iran use to be one of the most important oil suppliers in the world.

Facebook is no longer a source of information for employees

As of October 2018, information on job placements in social media is not allowed by employers – informs the Office of Personal Data Protection. UODO also does not allow such actions by companies in the light of the provisions of the GDPR, such as collecting data about a candidate to work in the place of his previous employment or confirming in a higher school the authenticity of a diploma presented by a recruited person.

New employer’s responsibilities from 2019

From 2019, the employer will decide whether he wants to archive documents in paper or electronic form. You will be able to replace your existing paper documentation with an electronic one. The storage time of employee documentation will be reduced from 50 to 10 years. Subsequent changes are the obligation to submit a personal monthly report (ZUS RPA) to the Social Insurance Institution with data about the Insured’s income and, after termination of employment, a de-registration form (ZUS ZWUA) extended by date, termination of employment, legal basis for termination or termination of employment or relationship and the information on whose initiative the employment relationship was terminated.

Forbes has published a list of the best employers in the world

For the second consecutive year, the American Alphabet published the list of Best Employers 2018 in the world. The company owning Google was the only company that received the best result in all analyzed categories. Companies from the USA dominate the list. Microsoft took second place. The list included only one employer from Poland and it is PKN Orlen (418 on the list).

Market situation:

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The reference rate – unchanged from previous values, still 1.5%

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