Marketing year 2017/2018 is nearing completion. And we are ready to share with you its results for “Agroliga”.

In general, despite the caprices of the weather, we managed to harvest high yields, which is quite consistent with our own forecasts. Unfortunately, some cultures suffered from a record drought a little bit more, but this fact did not affect the final result.

We are not pleased with the results of harvesting corn grain. The hybrid “Karifols” was sown on the territory of the enterprise “Mayak”, the lands of which differ from the main body of arable land because they are located in another climatic zone, where the annual precipitation is slightly higher. But, despite significant efforts on our part, the corn yield was 7.2 tons per hectare, which, although insignificantly, was lower than the average crop yield in the country. At the moment, in order to improve performance, we are considering the option of building a system of artificial irrigation of fields.

Despite the sowing of the domestic hybrid “Bogdan”, which we have been using for several years already, due to the record drought, we lost a little in the quality of winter wheat and received about 70% of feed grain. The yield was 5.14 tons per hectare.

Also, summed up the harvesting of barley. Winter varieties of the intensive type “Luran” of the Czech selection, the distinguishing feature of which is high frost resistance, showed a yield of 4.19 tons per hectare, which exceeds the average for Ukraine. The spring 6-row mid-season “Helios” formed a crop of 4.31 tons per hectare.

And now about the strategic for us culture. 3900 hectares were set aside for sunflower and were sown with a high-intensity hybrid of the Neom sunflower, also produced by Syngenta, which previously showed itself very well. This hybrid is absolutely resistant to 5 races of broomrape, which is the most harmful parasite of sunflower. Though the drought, the conditions for the growth and development of sunflower were the most favorable. And, as a result, the yield was 4.71 tons per hectare.

And in the completion, information on the harvest of high-oleic sunflower hybrid “Expert” produced by Syngenta. This intensive type hybrid has the highest yield potential in its segment. The oleic acid content is estimated at 90%. This year, the yield was slightly lower than the hybrid “Neoma”, about 4 tons per hectare, but we received an award in the amount of 1400 UAH (≈ $ 50) per ton, for high oleic acid content at a high level. In the next MY, the area under sowing of high-oleic sunflower will be increased.

Thanks to timely conducted agricultural measures, we were able to realize the full potential of the seed and achieve a good yield indicator for the company. The company achieves such results thanks to many years of improvement of fertilizer application technologies, advanced training of technologists and agronomists, and also paying special attention to minimizing losses during harvesting.

With kind regards, team of GC “Agroliga”.