Changes and news in the field of legislation and taxes (introduced and planned).

The entry into force of “Small ZUS” is just a formality – The so-called small ZUS needs a signature of the president to be able to enter into force (message from July 27). The project was adopted by the Senate without amendments. It provides a reduction, in proportion to income, of social security contributions for small entrepreneurs. The scope of its activity includes about 173 thousand sole proprietorships. As explained by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, the restriction that entitles an entrepreneur to use the Small Social Insurance Institution is the maximum annual income of 30 times the minimum wage per annum. In this case, the monthly income cannot exceed 5250 PLN.

Subsidies for companies improving working conditions- Even half a million PLN can be obtained by a company that decides to improve working conditions in its plant. The available information indicates that applications can be submitted by 23 August. Co-financing will go to companies that will register for participation in a competition initiated by the Social Insurance Institution. It is addressed to enterprises that intend to increase the level of occupational health and safety and reduce the risks of accidents at work and occupational diseases. Projects that will be approved by the Social Insurance Institution will be able to be implemented next year. For this purpose, the institution is to allocate PLN 50 million nationwide.

High amounts for “complicated tax applications” – If the Director of the National Tax Information finds that the taxpayer’s application is particularly complicated, he may request 2000 PLN for his opinion. According to the experts such a criterion is an absurd. When applying, you will still need to pay 40 PLN. Only when the director of NTI considers that the problem is complicated, he may decide to increase the fee to 2000 PLN. The taxpayer will have 7 days to pay it. It will be possible to submit a complaint regarding this decision, followed by a complaint to the administrative court. In this way, the Tax Office wants to limit the number of requests for tax interpretations. The second unfavorable change is the multiplication of the fee for tax interpretation by the number of entities submitting a group application. The financial review has estimated the cost of tax interpretation to an average of 1000 PLN. A few years ago, attempts were made to raise fees. Now the attempts only apply to the situation mentioned above.

The growth of Polish import and exportAccording to the Central Statistical Office, the value of turnover in Polish export amounted to 882.6 billion PLN, and in import – 880.1 billion PLN. The positive balance was 2.5 billion PLN compared with 17 billion PLN a year earlier. In annual terms, export increased by 9.8%, and import by 11.9%. The lowest share in export was recorded by Poland with the countries of Central and Eastern Europe – it amounted to 5.8%. Import from these countries – 7.9%. Most of our country exported to developed countries, including nearly 80% to markets in the European Union. Import from the EU amounted to 67.7%.

Retail sales in Poland went up – According to Eurostat, retail sales in Poland increased in June by 5.5%, after an increase of 5.6% in May. In turn, in the EURO zone it increased by 1.3%. On a monthly basis, sales in Poland increased by 0.7%. In turn, retail sales in the euro area in June, month-on-month, increased by 0.3%, earlier it increased by 0.3%, after correction from 0.0%. Eurostat data also includes the smallest companies employing less than 10 employees, in this case small family stores, but in turn, they do not take into account the car sales market.

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Unemployment – the most recent data under this link (from May unchanged): end-May-2018-r, 2,70.html

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The reference rate – unchanged from previous values, still 1.5%

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