Weather conditions this season allowed us to start harvesting campaign of early crops a little bit earlier than usual.

According to preliminary data, the harvest 2017/2018 fully justifies expectations and even exceeds them. Agronomists note an excellent condition and high potential for yield of grain crops. At this point, about 37% of the areas under the early grain are harvested. Recall, the acreage for winter wheat and barley has been increased to 2500 hectares.

Favorable weather conditions and integrated agricultural activities made it possible to obtain a high class of grain, protein and gluten content matches the characteristics of the 2-3 class. Company achieves such results cause of many years of improvement of fertilizer application technologies, advanced training of technologists and agronomists, as well as paying special attention to minimizing losses during harvesting. As we informed, during the current year, in addition to the traditional system of grain feeding, an additional spring feeding of shoots with microfertilizers was carried out, aimed at developing the peripheral root system, which made it possible to achieve the optimal density of tillering and filling an ear of grain.

The main intrigue of the season remains sunflower crops, which was allocated 3500 hectares. In total, sunflower represents one of the greatest drought-resistant farming culture. However, strong and prolonged drought may cause harm, even to the death of crops. This year summer unambiguously refers to be hot and arid, with all this, we remain calm. First of all, we planted sunflower hybrids with intensive type with highest yield potential and resistant to drought. Secondly, our company, as a permanent and reliable partner, was among the favorites for the pilot project of Syngenta company on meteorological insurance of sunflower crops. The insurance period will soon come to an end, and we will certainly announce the results.

Information on the outcome of gross fees of early crops will be processed and presented to your attention in subsequent reports.

With kind regards, team of GC “Agroliga”.