Our company agronomical service specialists made a checkup on condition of winter crop shoots.

Based on the inspection results, we made a decision about additional fertilization of shoots with micronutrients. For those purpose we purchased magnesium sulfate and implemented leaf top-dressing of the winter crops. Now, our experts are closely monitoring the condition of winter crops. Preservation of sprouts is still estimated at an average of 93%.

As for the present day, the spring sowing campaign completed in full. As scheduled, our specialist planted the following crops – silage corn and hybrid corn from the manufacture “Monsanta”, barley sort “Helios”, traditional for us sunflower hybrid “Neoma”, and also high-oleic sunflower hybrid “Exsperto”.

The begging of the field works preceded the execution of all the planned crop soil preparation activities, such as harrowing, plants treatment with protection products and insertion necessary fertilizers. Despite sharp temperatures drops, that prevented the sowing campaign, in a short time we’ve met all the complex steps, which allowed us to lay the foundation for the future harvest.

Even though the calendar says it’s only May month, the weather in Ukraine is already rated as summer and keeps beating temperature records.

With kind regards, team of GC “Agroliga”.