April 2018 brought us so long awaited warming. However, worth noting, it appeared to be more than sudden and global. In fact, nature skipped the period of gradual increase of temperature, and right after frost switched to high positive temperatures. As usual, it can be rated doubly. From one side, the sharp increase of temperature necessarily leads to rapid drying of the upper layers of soil, reducing effectiveness of applied fertilizers and, as a result, decreasing level of plants productivity. However, since we have experienced and highly qualified specialists, “Agroliga” had already protected itself from the above negative effects with the help of harrowing soil procedure. On the other hand, taking into account the very good condition of winter crops, as well as the density of their seeding, under current conditions we got all the chances for getting harvest that won’t only yield an average long-term indexes, but also will exceed them.

Also, April happened to be the first month of testing our new oil extraction plant. And we are certainly very satisfied with the results. To date, only minor defects and damages detected, made while delivering and installation of equipment. Adjustment works will take place for one more month, after which, in a short term the replacement of all the rejected consumables will be done, a final check of all systems operation after replacement of the damaged electrical equipment elements will be conducted, and the plant will be put to the operation mode.

Now, a brief review of interesting news of Ukraine agrarian sector.

For the first time in Ukraine, fertilizers were delivered by the Dnepr River. “Agrohim Odessa” company delivered KAS-32. According to company representative words “basic of KAS trading – is cheap logistics”. For these purposes, in 2017 company bought and capitally restored the liquid tanker Odissey I with the capacity of 600 tons. And taking into account successful experience, in the nearest future, company plans to organize supplying of imported ammonium nitrate from Georgia, Bulgaria or Romania upwards the Dnepr.

There are rumors that the issue about setting Minister of agrarian politics of Ukraine comes to the final line. Just to remind, the former Minister T. Kutovoy wrote a statement of resignation almost a year ago, and during this period, his duties were performed by First Deputy M. Martyniuk. During this year, the question about setting new Ministered was not actually brought on a surface. Not so long ago, candidates on this position were discussed in a government, and, according to multiple sources, came to the necessity of returning T. Kutovoy on this position, even though there will be a need in “persuading and convincing” him. However, a final decision is not yet accepted and no one knows how long will it take.

Export of agrarian products from Ukraine for the first 2 months of 2018 year amounted to $2,8 billions, which is for $102 millions more than in the same period last year. Traditional export leaders are grain-crops, oil and oilseeds. Top 5 largest countries-customers are India, Spain, the Netherlands, Egypt and Italy.

Also it should be noted, that according to the opinion of agrarian market experts, the question of the land reform won’t be raised at least until the end of election campaign.

With kind regards, team of GC “Agroliga”.