Spring this year was much snowy than winter. On average, the amount of precipitation in March was 150-200% of the norm. This situation compelled us to constantly postpone the deadlines and change the strategy of spring field works. However, the unconditional advantage of this spring is the absolutely unique resource of moisture in the fields. Instead of our plans to apply fertilizers to the frozen ground, it was decided to carry out the harrowing. Harrowing, in fact, is the loosening of the upper layer of the soil. In a period when snow is actively melting, a crust with a large number of capillaries is formed on the surface, through which the water evaporates and the plants begin to dry. Harrowing helps to “seal” the soil and leave the necessary moisture in the ground as well as leveling its surface and destroying the weeds.

The application of soil harrowing in winter crops sowings improves the general condition of crops, ensures loosening of the upper soil layer, promotes better provision of the root system of plants with oxygen, moisture and nutrients.

“Agroliga” for the first time was registered for participation in the program of meteorological insurance from the company Syngenta. Programs of this kind have long and successfully established themselves around the world. In Ukraine, this practice came only 3 years ago. Last year, we just looked at it, studied its capabilities and watched the developments in those who had already decided. As a result, they came to the conclusion that the meteorological insurance of crops fully and completely justifies itself.

The program is simple. Buying protection and seed from Syngenta, farmers can automatically apply for participation in this program. Registration of the participant takes place on certain dates. Further, the participant independently determines the key parameters, namely, the insurance period, the source of weather data (the nearest or most preferable meteorological station) and the form of refund.

Refund occurs immediately after the period selected by the participant, without leaving the fields and inspecting crops, only on the basis of meteorological data. Simply put, if in the selected period weather station data indicate that precipitation was not enough and the temperature was high, the participant will receive compensation even though the real weather conditions were much more favorable. That’s so simple. In 2017, each second participant received a refund, the average size of which was 37% of the investment in seeds and plant protection products.

In addition, Syngenta for the first time launches a pilot project for meteorological insurance for sunflower crops in 2018. Only experienced and proven farmers are allowed to participate. Being a regular and reliable partner of Syngenta, our company will also participate in the list of selected and insure 1200 hectares of sunflower. Thus, , we will insure all crops, except corn, under the program of insurance in this year.

Being an agrarian means perform planting and harvesting. To be a good farmer is to have the art of maneuvering under conditions of constant change of circumstances. We own this art.

Best regards, team of GC “Agroliga”.