Launch of new oil extraction plant

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Finally is the day when we are happy to share the news that the construction of the innovative oil extraction plant of the Group of Companies “Agroliga” is completed!

Construction works are completed including finishing, installation of equipment, technological openings; wells and cable channels are closed; lighting and heating are completed; installation of electrical equipment is completed and its grounding is completed. Facing of buildings and interior decoration in the shops is completed for 100%. System of ventilation and water disposal is absolutely ready. Works on interior finishing of new administrative building are completed.

Currently, equipment diagnostics and testing of technological processes will be carried out within two months. The schedule of commissioning works has already been developed. The equipment will be tested in two modes – with and without load as well as in the individual test mode and complex testing. The inspection is aimed at identification and elimination of possible defects in the installation of electrical equipment. Replacement of the rejected and delivery of missing consumables will be made as well.

After completion of commissioning, the plant will be put into operation as well as put into nominal capacity. We do everything to ensure that all systems are well balanced, harmoniously interact with each other and the work was implemented in a high-quality level and in time.

Best regards, team of GC “Agroliga”

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