March 2018 was not rich in interesting and important news. The main news throughout the month was the weather which in contrary to country saying and forecasts, had a winter and not spring character. Recall that in connection with snowy and frosty weather, “Agroliga” was forced to shift the start date of spring field works for at least two weeks. To date, our winter crops are still under an impressive layer of snow cover. Currently, according to the forecasts of the meteorologist, a rapid substantial warming will quickly melt the snow and ice and we will be able to fertilize the winter crops in conditions when the amount of moisture in the soil will be as high as possible, which, of course, will positively affect future crops. In general, the spring top dressing of winter crops in Ukraine has so far been at a maximum of 40%. Survey of winter cereal crops for the harvest of 2018 shows that young crops were obtained for 99.7% of the area of seeded 7.3 million ha; 87% of them are in good and satisfactory condition, 13% – in the weak and liquefied state.

In March, so-called index of “dumpling” (analogue of the American index “Big Mac”) was presented in Ukraine. This index will allow to observe online price changes in a number of social products such as eggs, flour, sour cream, butter, potatoes, onion, etc. This service enables to track the hryvnia exchange rate and the dynamics of inflation. According to this index, prices in Ukraine are increased by 6.82% over the past 4 months.

The system of tax invoices blocking was resumed on March 22. The Decree No. 117 on the approval of new Order to suspend registration of tax bills (NN) was published on March 7, 2018. It is noted that currently indicators of a positive tax history are introduced for small and medium-sized businesses. Tax invoices drawn up by risky operations with a positive tax history will not be stopped. In fact, the new procedure is the restart of the system for tax invoices blocking which was suspended at the end of 2017 and will function to ensure transparency of regulatory authorities operation.

On March 14, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine decided to introduce a temporary ban on the import of Russian mineral fertilizers to minimize illegal imports into Ukraine. The Prime Minister of Ukraine, Vladimir Groysman, instructed the Ministry of Economy to prepare all the required decisions before the next meeting of the government.

On March 20, the Verkhovna Rada deputies included the bill No. 7403-2 On abolishing of export VAT for soybean and rapeseed in the agenda due to the strike of the agrarians who blocked the roads in 8 regions of the country. The bill received 239 positive votes.

On March 23, the leader of the Party “Batkivshchyna”, Yuliya Tymoshenko, signed a memorandum “New Agrarian Policy of Ukraine” between the Party “Batkivshchyna”, the All-Ukrainian Agrarian Rada, the Agrarian Union of Ukraine and other professional associations of the agrarian sector. According to this memorandum, the moratorium on the sale of agricultural land can be extended until 2023. The stated purpose of this memorandum is to unite the public sector and political forces that have decided to work together to achieve the required reform and development of agriculture as well as rural areas through the implementation of goals and objectives.

Best regards, the team of the Group of Companies “Agroliga”