Due to the fact that March did not bring the warming desired for all, but on the contrary, it turned out to be very snowy, we are forced to report that the beginning of spring field work is postponed for at least two weeks. Nature has its plans for this year, but this situation is natural and controlled.

In further, Ukrainian Center for Hydrometeorology predicts deterioration of weather conditions due to the impact of two active south-western cyclones in the form of heavy snowfalls and a significant drop in temperature. Therefore, there is a risk of ice crust formation and death of a part of winter crops. However, nature can also do us a very good service and gives us hope for a good harvest, since the amount of moisture in the soil will increase substantially.

These weather conditions will enable us to introduce fertilizers along the permafrost soils which can significantly increase the yield. Such top dressing of winter crops is carried out at a temperature above 0 degrees, when the upper soil layer is over moistened. Under such conditions, fertilizers dissolve rapidly and are absorbed.

Currently, our winter crops are under a thick layer of snow cover and in good condition. The snow cover has not harmed, but rather reliably protects them from the coming low temperatures. We are still confident of a good result.


Team of GC “Agroliga