Despite that the winter of 2017-2018 did not bring much precipitation and it can be called a little snow winter, it was not frosty. The other day, our agronomists carried out inspection of crops damage degree and the viability of plants at the stage of wintering by monolithic and sugar method. According to the results of the inspection, it became obvious that the decision to increase the acreage for wheat and barley fully justified the expectations. The vitality of winter wheat by our specialists was estimated at 96%, and winter barley at 93%, respectively.

Wintering of winter crops requires special attention and is a problem that each agrarian faces. Bad wintering conditions can lead, as a minimum, to partial damage to plants, and, as a maximum, to their death. In general, wintering is influenced by such key factors as weather conditions, frost resistance of the crop as a whole, and varieties as well as the peculiarities of agricultural technology.

Autumn period is crucial in the development of winter crops. Very early or late crops inevitably lead to shortage of crops. Therefore, the optimal agrotechnical terms for sowing, high quality of the seed, carefully prepared soil and the determination of suitable mineral fertilizers are very important. All factors and timely preparation ensure the formation of healthy and developed plants.

The autumn of 2017 was incredibly arid. In this regard, our specialists decided to completely abandon the sowing of winter rapeseed. A consequence of this was an increase in crop areas to 2500 hectares for winter wheat and barley. And, as time showed, the decision was absolutely correct, since winter rapeseed suffered the most which still sowed by other companies.

It should be emphasized that “Agroliga” pays special attention to the continuous improvement of employees’ skills and, as a result, our employees have all the classical and modern skills to combat the causes of damage or death of winter crops. They include such methods as the selection of varieties that correspond to specific soil and climatic conditions, snow retention, forest shelter belts, rocket crops, early snow slipping, contributing to the early melting of the snow cover in the spring, the creation of sewage sulci and vertical drainage, and many others.

Long-term experience, development and motivation of the personnel ensure our company good harvests and a worthy place in the Ukrainian agrarian market.