Prior to launch of new innovative oil-extraction plant of the group of companies “Agroliga”, there remains a period that is already counted in dozens of days. We are very carefully and scrupulously preparing for the day, which will be a turning point in the history of our company. On the eve of the grand event for us, we propose to recall all the stages of the way passed.

Thus, the decision on the need to build new oil extraction plant was adopted not so long ago – in 2016. After a detailed financial analysis of the project and a comprehensive audit of business processes, Raiffeisen Bank Aval has decided to lend to Agroliga Group for the implementation of a new project. Financing structure was mixed and not only externally attracted financial sources were used but also own funds. The total cost of construction and procurement of all required components and equipment was estimated at 9 million USD, 6.7 million of which were financed through external sources. Separate plot of land with all the required communications and railway was allocated for the construction in the village. New Vodolag, Kharkiv region.

The launch of the plant was initially planned in 2017. However, the deadline had to be slightly shifted. The main reason for this was the problem of obtaining and approving technical and permissive documentation at the project stage. The admission procedure for construction took an excruciating four months. This is the way we were forced to shift the start of construction. Thus, in the course of geological work, it was found that the groundwater is slightly above the required level, which necessitated the ordering of individual piles, which formed the basis of all supporting structures. In addition, additional waterproofing of foundations was carried out, which was not envisaged by the original design.

Currently, construction of the plant is almost complete and its launch is planned for the first quarter of this year.

Innovativeness of technological solutions for new oil extraction plant of “Metallurgical Complex “Agroliga” will be conditioned by the following factors:

– possibility of changing the processing volumes of raw materials in the range from 100 thousand tons to 170 thousand tons without additional investment in equipment, and with the condition of attracting a small investment, the capacity can be increased up to 280 thousand tons per year;

– possibility of reconfiguring equipment for extraction of soybean and rapeseed oil without additional investment in equipment.

Ap-to-date extraction line will be launched which will increase the yield of oil by 10% in comparison with the press technology of oil extraction. At the output, instead of oil cake, we will get a sunflower meal with a protein content of 38% and a residual oil content not exceeding 0.5-1%.

Successful location of our plant, in the center of the areas where sunflower is traditionally grown, gives us a significant advantage in the availability of raw materials. Actually, these factors plus many years of experience enable us to confidently talk about competition with such large players as Kernel, Glencore or Cargill. Our main strengths are the most rigorous control of production processes at enterprises, which are worked only by highly qualified employees. The cost of our products naturally corresponds to its high quality.


After the launch of the plant, the market share of the sunflower oil market in Kharkov region will reach 10-12%.

Planned start shall come at the time of high commodity prices, however, the management of the group decided not to postpone the start-up and commissioning operations to reach the nominal production capacity by the beginning of new season and obtain the export characteristics of the finished product.

Due to increase of production capacity and taking into account aspects of a different nature and complexity, we will achieve the greatest efficiency and will take on new, leading positions in the agrarian market.