On behalf of “Agroliga” company, accept my warmest congratulations with the coming New Year 2018 and Merry Christmas!The expiring year was difficult and challenging, but we managed to overcome the difficulties, become stronger and make considerable progress. What exactly the New Year will bring us, is up to each of you and us, as a strong, successful and purposeful team. Together we will be able to turn our personal achievements into common success. I’m sure, the conduct of work will be extremely exciting and the result will bring joy!

Then let the New Year give us more power to realize our plans, add more enthusiasm, enrich with new creative ideas and mark new triumphs.

Let this year be happy and successful, filled with weighty and productive achievements, hope and love. I wish you to have a good fortune in every step, unflagging energy resources and well-being in every house. Thank you for your responsible work and trust.

Happiness and best wishes to you and your family!

Berdnik Alexander Nikolaevich.

Chairman of the Board. Founder of the company.