The “Agroliga” company which has been actively introducing modern technologies and new selection seed varieties has once again proved its effectiveness. One need only look at the latest achievements to see this.

One of the critical elements of success has become the use of an intensive hybrid of the “Neoma” sunflower from the Syngenta originator. This approach has significantly improved a number of indicators of the final product. The average yield of sunflower of the “Agroliga” company is 45 dt/1 ha, which is far in excess of the same indicator for the region.

The quality of the raw materials was affected by the hot and hearing autumn, due to which the sunflower in the region has low oil content and a weak grain nature. “Agroliga” managed to avoid such unfavorable consequences due to the competent work of the company’s experts who managed to cope with difficult weather conditions. The key to the financial stability of the company was the active export of grain products (wheat, barley, rapeseed), due to which part of the proceeds was in foreign currency. Now, the experts have been actively working on preparing the fields for the upcoming season in order to maximize the yield and achieve the highest level of quality. The equipment has been undergoing routine maintenance and conservation for the winter, and the fields have been plowed up before spring.

Another significant achievement was the record sowing of winter crops (wheat and barley), amounting to 2500 hectares. The work is in progress throughout the year, so that the company’s customers can always get high-quality raw materials of adequate quantity.