Growing a wide range of cereals

Agroliga Group brings together a number of dynamically developing medium-sized companies that operate in the agriculture sector of Ukraine



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Growing of cereals is the main activity of Agroliga Group. Geography of our enterprises allows us to produce a wide range of grain and industrial crops. We specialize in cultivation of winter wheat, barley and rapeseed. We sow soybean, spring wheat of solid varieties, experiment with crops of high-intensity hybrids of maize and sunflower.

The first thousand hectares of arable land was rented back in 1992 in Dvurechansky district of Kharkov region; at the same time we founded our first agricultural enterprise – “Agroliga”. At that time, there were only an abandoned wasteland and total devastationat the site of the once large state farm. Over the years, we have managed to completely revive former power of production by constructing a modern agroholding with a closed production cycle. Today, the group consists of 4 agro-enterprises that specialize in crop production and about 10,000 hectares in processing.

At the same time, we intend to keep a relatively small land bank, which we are able to administer in a qualitative way. The company plans to expand the land bank to 15,000 hectares max. by 2020. We believe that in a thoughtless race for building up space, production efficiency is lost. We, in our approach, are trying to focus on the quality of processing leased land and increasing the fertility of soils. By introducing organic fertilizers, we maintain a high content of humus, and by following a rational crop rotation and not overloading the soil with pesticides, we take care of saving a high natural soil quality for the next generations.

Also we do not stand still regarding introduction of modern technologies. We actively share our experience with our Western colleagues. At the moment, we master the high-precision processing technology “Strip-Till” for corn and sunflower crops. This technology allows to retain moisture and is the gold standard for soils located in a zone with a moderate climate and dry, hot summer.

In our work, we highly value decency and value our reputation. We are investing in the infrastructure of rural communities, building playgrounds, repairing schools at our expense, organizing cultural and sports events for local residents, gardening areas, and just supporting the rural population by providing jobs with a competitive level of wages fees.

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