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piątek, 03 marca 2017 09:08
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In February 22 – 25, the customers of the “European Agrarian Company” from six regions of Ukraine, including President of the Agroliga Group Alexander Berdnik visited the CNH Industrial Plant in Belgium. The trip, organized jointly by CNH Industrial and EAC, was aimed at familiarizing Ukrainian farmers with the process of manufacturing of the NewHolland combine-harvesters which are popular in Ukraine.

The plant located in the Belgian city of Zedelgem is not only a manufacturer, but also a center developing new harvesting technologies. It is the place where new technologies are introduced, machines of new generation are manufactured and the quality of equipment is tested. The best experts in the field of design, development and manufacturing of agricultural equipment work here. The results of such efforts attract farmers from all over the world who choose the NewHolland machinery every year, and 98% of the products manufactured in Belgium are exported abroad.

The tour of Ukrainian farmers began with the presentation of the plant, and continued with watching the main stages of production. The guests could see the processes of metal preparation and cutting, mechanical processing and forming of parts, robotic welding, painting and final assembly of the machinery. Every day 22 new harvesters come down from the assembly line of the CNH plant in Zedelgem and are immediately delivered to customers around the world. At the end of the tour the guests visited the exhibition of samples of new equipment.

Besides the Plant tour the clients of the European Agrarian Company visited Bruges and the capital of Belgium, Brussels.

The time spent in Belgium ran fast but the unique experience and knowledge gained by our employees will be used successfully the Agroliga Group enterprises.  The delegates are grateful to the “European Agrarian Company” for the invitation, organization and financial support of the trip.