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Harvesting of the early grain crops
poniedziałek, 22 sierpnia 2016 12:56
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By August 15 the Production Units of AGROLIGA had finished harvesting of the early grain crops. More than 21,725 ​​tons of grain were harvested from the area of ​​3950 thousand hectares, that is 44% of the total area of the processed fields.

We got the gross yield of winter wheat (one of the key crops in the rotation) 56 t / ha, which is 8% more comparatively to the last year. In addition, the favorable weather conditions and integrated agro-technical measures allowed getting the grain of the highest class, with the protein and gluten content that corresponds to the characteristics of 2 – 3 class.

Also, the balance of the results of barley harvesting was drawn up. The winter variety of the intensive type “Lura” of Czech breeding with the distinguishing feature of high frost resistance gave the gross yield of 62.9 c / ha. We harvested 52.1 c / ha of the spring mid-season barley “Helios”.

In general, the grain yield of early harvesting meets the expectations of the Company’s management and exceeds by 15-20% the average data for Ukraine.

The Company achieves such results due to the persistent work on skills development for engineers and agronomists, technological improvements of the fertilizers applying, as well as paying special attention to minimization of losses during harvesting.

With the financial support of Raiffeisen Bank, the modern combine harvester - JohnDeereW660 with the header of 625R series has been added to the park of agricultural machinery in the current year.

This equipment makes it possible to adapt automatically to the changing topography of the field and change the cutting height that minimizes the losses during harvesting, and the possibility to adjust the pressure on the ground allows harvesting, regardless of weather conditions.