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Refined sunflower oil
piątek, 04 marca 2016 13:31
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“Agroliga Group” started manufacturing the refined sunflower oil of category “P”. This business line takes a priority for “Agroliga Group” because the packaged refined oil has a higher added value, and is in great demand in the countries of Western Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

The first consignments of goods have been exported to Slovakia and Iraq. The oil is packaged into 1/2/5 liter bottles and sold under our own trademark “AGROLIGA”.

In addition, we conclude contracts with foreign trading networks and distributors on manufacturing and supply of our products under “PrivateLabel”.

Our sunflower oil is a product of high quality manufactured according to the European and international quality standards confirmed by certificates EUR 1, T2L, ISCC.

In order to expand markets and attract new business partners we created the sales department specializing in the sale of products to the countries of Western Europe.

The information on prices and quality characteristics of our products can be discussed with the manager or found on our website in the section "Sunflower Oil".