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Agroliga Group PLC Strikes the Balance of Harvesting
poniedziałek, 04 sierpnia 2014 05:59
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By August 1 the early grain crops were harvested from all 3600 ha allocated for them.

In particular, spring barley was harvested from 1540 ha, 6340 tons were thrashed with the average yield of 41.2 c/ha.

4610 tons of winter wheat were harvested from the area of ​​905 ha with the average yield of 50.9 c/ha.

The yield of spring wheat reached 35 c/ha, 1300 tons were gathered from the area of ​​394 ha.

The crops of winter oilseed rape and barley were also harvested from the area of ​​750 hectares with the yields of 25 and 50 c/ha, respectively.

In total, more than 14000 tons of new crops were loaded into the company granaries.

Summing up the results of harvesting, the company agronomists emphasized that the gross yield of grain crops are above the average in Kharkiv region, and the wheat crop meets the requirements for food grains.

While increasing the export turnover and foreign currency earnings, the company contracted profitably the rapeseed and barley grain crops with the Grain Trading Company «BUNGE» (Switzerland). Taking into consideration the high quality of commercial wheat and increase in demand for it in the offseason, the company management decided to postpone its selling until more favorable market offer.