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Освящение храма
poniedziałek, 10 lipca 2017 09:06
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Важное событие для православных верующих состоялось в с.Новоегоровка Двуречанского района, а именно освящение нового храма  в честь святителя Афанасия патриарха Цареградского, Лубенского и всея Руси чудотворца.

Храм возводили более трех лет. Именно он должен стать символом памяти православных христиан, которые пострадали за веру, а также новым центром духовного притяжения. Весомый вклад  в создании храма было внесено ГК Агролига наряду с местными властями.

Торжественную церемонию, или, как говорят верующие, чин освящения нового храма провел архиепископ Изюмский и Купянский  Елисей.  После чего возглавил в храме первую Божественную литургию, которую закончил обращением к молящимся с назидательным словом: «Сегодня у нас светлое духовное торжество по случаю освящения нового дома Божия. Каждый святой храм является частицей неба на земле, и мы вверяем себя Богу через молитву. Дай Бог, чтобы по молитвам нашим Господь укрепил нас, даровал нам веру, терпение и мужество, кротость и смирение. И самое главное качество, без которого нельзя спастись – любовь к Богу, любовь к своему Отечеству, любовь к своим ближним».

По завершению праздничной литургии правящий епархией совершил награждение всех тех, кто внёс свой вклад в укрепление христианских ценностей и поддержку приходской общины. Среди награжденных был представитель и нашей компании в лице директора наших дочерних предприятий, Тамаряна Микаела Григорьевича, который  был удостоен орденом святого великомученика Георгия Победоносца.

«Пожертвовав малым мы получим большее. Пусть этот объект станет религиозным центром Двуречанского района и будет способствовать укоренению в нашем обществе идей добра, взаимоуважения и примирения» - добавил М.Г.Тамарян.

Spring works
czwartek, 23 marca 2017 09:01
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The Agro-industrial Group “AgroligaGroup” is completely ready to begin the spring field works.

“It is obvious that a good harvest depends significantly on the invested resources – material and human – and tightening the purse strings on these components is unacceptable. We remember the folk wisdom ‘You reap what you sow’. Therefore, we sow only quality seed materials from well known manufacturers of Syngenta, Limagrain, KBC. We put into operation highly efficient machinery equipped with the latest GPS navigation technology, and all personnel took regular specialized training. This year we plan to crop about 3000 hectares with sunflower and corn, 1000 hectares with barley, and 600 hectares with corn,” Alexander Berdnik, President of AgroligaGroup told us.

“There are no trifles in the preparation for spring sowing, it is important what you sow, but what is more important is to do it on time. The seeds, fertilizers, and fuel – everything should be provided in advance in order to sow in the optimal period of time,” Alexander Berdnik adds.

“In our country, agricultural business is not a boring and measured one, but a GAME starting with a capital letter. It involves gambling with circumstances which are hard to predict and difficult to change. There are no ready-made universal solutions or preplanned invariably winning strategies. No one can guarantee that the seeds sown in the autumn will overwinter, sprout, slaughter and give a good harvest. In spite of all anticipated difficulties, in autumn we sowed about 3,400 hectares of fields with winter crops including 58% of wheat, 31% rape, 11% barley. The undamaged condition of the sprouts after wintering is approximately 95%. Favorable weather conditions in the winter of 2016/2017 allow us to hope for the high yields.” the chief agronomist, Vladimir Drachuk, shared his opinion.

piątek, 03 marca 2017 09:08
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In February 22 – 25, the customers of the “European Agrarian Company” from six regions of Ukraine, including President of the Agroliga Group Alexander Berdnik visited the CNH Industrial Plant in Belgium. The trip, organized jointly by CNH Industrial and EAC, was aimed at familiarizing Ukrainian farmers with the process of manufacturing of the NewHolland combine-harvesters which are popular in Ukraine.

The plant located in the Belgian city of Zedelgem is not only a manufacturer, but also a center developing new harvesting technologies. It is the place where new technologies are introduced, machines of new generation are manufactured and the quality of equipment is tested. The best experts in the field of design, development and manufacturing of agricultural equipment work here. The results of such efforts attract farmers from all over the world who choose the NewHolland machinery every year, and 98% of the products manufactured in Belgium are exported abroad.

The tour of Ukrainian farmers began with the presentation of the plant, and continued with watching the main stages of production. The guests could see the processes of metal preparation and cutting, mechanical processing and forming of parts, robotic welding, painting and final assembly of the machinery. Every day 22 new harvesters come down from the assembly line of the CNH plant in Zedelgem and are immediately delivered to customers around the world. At the end of the tour the guests visited the exhibition of samples of new equipment.

Besides the Plant tour the clients of the European Agrarian Company visited Bruges and the capital of Belgium, Brussels.

The time spent in Belgium ran fast but the unique experience and knowledge gained by our employees will be used successfully the Agroliga Group enterprises.  The delegates are grateful to the “European Agrarian Company” for the invitation, organization and financial support of the trip.

Interview with Alexandr Berdnik General Manager Of Agroliga Group
poniedziałek, 26 września 2016 07:39
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Mr Berdnik, the information about the Company’s plans to begin the construction of a new oil extraction plant appeared on the AGROLIGA GROUP site. Could you give the details on the project?

Answering your question I would like to mention that the launch of the extraction process and the production extension of 2017 is a part of our corporate strategy and, if my memory serves me, we published the road map for this project in 2011 so this is not exactly news (laughs). But, speaking seriously, this project is a top-priority for us and having the tight schedule to carry it out we have to work hard. We plan to triple the processing capacity to 10000 ton/month and to launch the new extraction line.

We will start the first stage by the new season of 2017. Having launched the new plant our share in the vegetable oil market will reach 10 – 12%.

You are planning to increase the processing capacity but, it is hardly a secret, that there are a lot of sun flower processing plants, and the aggregate production of sun flower seeds cannot satisfy the growing demand for raw materials. Are you apprehensive that you will have to compete with bigger players on the market?

The market of sun flower oil has always been very competitive but today the processing capacity is not the main advantage in the competition. I would like to highlight to decisive factors which are applying new technologies and the shortest logistic root of delivering the raw materials.

The preferable location of our plant in the centre of districts where sun flower is traditionally harvested gives us the advantages in raw materials accessibility. The launch of the extraction line will allow 10% increasing of the oil output comparatively with the press technology of oil production.  And at the output instead of cake we will have sun flower meal with 38% of protein content and remaining oil content not exceeding 0,5-1%. These factors and our long-standing experience allow us speaking of the competition with such big players at the market as Kernel, Glencore or Cargill.


Your site informs that at the launch the plant will be one of the most technologically advanced enterprises on the market. What innovations will be applied and how do you estimate the integrated value of the project?

The total financing amounts to $ 9 mln., 6.7 mln. of which will be financed from the attracted external sources of funding.

The innovation of technological decisions will allow:

- the possibility to change the volume of the raw materials processing from 100 000 ton to 180000 without additional investments into the equipment (second line) and with small investments the capacity can be increased to 280000 ton / year;

- the possibility to reset the equipment for production of soy and canola oils without additional investments into the equipment.

The project is ambitious. Could you tell me what have been already done?

We have accomplished a lot but there is great work ahead. Today we have a building site with all necessary engineering lines and systems including railways. The permission and technical documentation is almost ready. Through the work of the financial department we were able to attract the finances necessary for the project investment, and the first preliminary payments for manufacturing and delivery of the equipment have been made. The earth-works are being performed on the building site because it is important to construct the foundations before winter comes.

Extraction plant construction
sobota, 10 września 2016 18:11
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Agroliga Group starts construction of a modern sunflower crushing plant with extraction capacity. The crushing capacity is planned for 170 000 t sunflower seed per year. The first phase of the plant provides processing of 100 000 tons of sunflower seed per year. It will be put into operation in September -October 2017.After extensive analyses and business tests " Raiffeisen Bank " Aval " ( member of the Raiffeisen Bank Interneshinal Holding AG group, Austria ) has decided to finance Agroliga Group for the implementation of a new project.The structure of the project financing comprises of the Company’s funds and long term loans. The project finance structuring is completed.As of today, general construction plan is fixed, tenders for the supply of equipment, construction and installation works were carried out.



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