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The Company has been operating in the Ukrainian agricultural produce market since 1992, it started with sunflower seed processing at Prikolotnyansky and Volchansky oil-extracting factories. Such activity quickly gained speed; the enterprise’s produce was sold to a wide circle of clients both in Ukraine and abroad.

During eight years, the Group of Companies successfully provided a foothold in the processing market and approached the problem of necessity of its own raw materials. Thus in the year 2001, the first agricultural enterprise was established in Kamenka Village, Dvurechansky District, in which Agroliga Group was cultivating 1,060 hectares of land. In 2002, the planted area increased and achieved 2,760 hectares. During two years, the machines park was renewed by 95 %, and the buildings were renovated.

In 2004, a warehouse complex was purchased in Novaya Vodolaga, where a new elevator was built with yearly storage capacity of 20 thousand tons.

In 2007, the second agricultural enterprise was established in Mechnikovo Village, Dvurechansky District, which increased land under cultivation by 2,770 ha. The total area of land under cultivation now is 5,510 ha. It took less than a year for the enterprise to renovate the machinery and to reconstruct the buildings.

In 2008, a dairy farm was established, the flock of which now exceeds 500 heads. Decision about diversification was taken as a result of analysis of dairy market prospects as an investment object.

In 2009, Agroliga Group completed assembly of an oil mill, which changed status of the Group of Companies. Being an experienced primary producer, the agricultural complex also added an important function of a processer.

In 2010 companies of the Group finished restructurizing, and become a completed holding. This year took place first external audit of Agroliga group finances.

In 2011 Agroliga group enters New Connect market of Warsaw stock exchange. This year began reconstruction of oil refinery in order to significant increase it's capacity. As well, in 2011 to the Group join one more agricultural company, and land bank increased to 7,500 ha.

In 2012 Group started renewed refinery, and completed first stage of development. Revenue of Agroliga group for 2012 reached 15 mln euro, increasing 4 times in 3 years.

In 2013 Agroliga approved new strategy - from crude oil to refined one, and registered own trademark for retail trade

In 2014 Agroliga expanded land bank for 620 ha. This year revenue was more than 16 M euro. Main achievement for this uneasy year was to keep company’s production and development.

In 2015 Agroliga expanded land bank by 1.8 thousand ha. Also this year company started retail sales of own dairy prodicts.