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Agroliga Group has acquired a new office
Monday, 19 November 2012
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Over the past years, the results of the Group of Companies has increased more than three times. One of the priorities of optimizing the management of a group of companies is to expand the state's top managers and financiers. In connection with this plan to expand the state's top managers and financiers. At the moment, several managers, are trained at Open University of Great Britain, on completion of which will get diploma MVA.

With the expansion of the existing office staff Agroliga Group makes it impossible to place a sufficient number of workers.

Since it was possible to buy at the optimum price the office in a business part of the city – in business center "Kapitalist" - the company management «Agroliga» has decided to purchase apartment with an area of about 150 square meters.

The new premises will be enough space for several departments. To increase the centralized purchasing department, which provides uninterrupted supply of our raw materials production and agribusiness - seeds, fertilizers and fuel. Also for the accounting department, which provides accounting and reporting all group Agroliga. And of course, for the management of the Group of Companies Agroliga.

Business center "Capitalist" is being built on the alley Otakar Yarosh-18, opposite "The World  Hotel." The first and second floors will occupy retail space and a cafeteria. Third to twelfth - offices, press room and a conference room. The office center is built according to international standards of quality and combines all the latest: building materials and technology solutions, engineering systems and modern equipment.

Moving to the new office is planned for spring 2013.