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Освящение храма
Monday, 10 July 2017
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An important event for the Orthodox believers took place in the village Novoiegorovka in the Dvurechansky district – the consecration of the new church in honor of St. Athanasius, the patriarch of Tsaregrad, Lubny and all Russia Miracle-worker.

The church was under construction for more than three years. It has to memorize the Orthodox Christians who suffered for their faith, as well as become a new spiritual center. A significant contribution to the creation of the temple was made by GC Agroliga together with local authorities.

The Archbishop of Izium and Kupiansk Eliseus conducted the solemn ceremony of the consecration of the new church.

Then he headed the first Divine Liturgy in the church, which he finished addressing the prayers with the enlightening words, “Today we have the bright spiritual celebration on the occasion of the consecration of the new House of God. Every Holy Temple is a part of the Heaven on earth, and we entrust ourselves to God through our prayers. God grant that through our prayers the Lord will give us strength and faith, patience and courage, gentleness and humbleness. And the most important quality, without which you cannot be saved, is love for God, love for our Fatherland, love for our fellow man.”

At the end of the festive liturgy, the ruling diocese rewarded all those who contributed to the strengthening of Christian values ​​and the support of the parish community. The representative of our company, General Manager of our subsidiaries Mikael Tamaryan was awarded the Order of St. George the Victorious.

“By sacrificing small, we will get more. Let this church become a religious center of the Dvurechansky region and will promote the ideas of kindness, mutual respect and reconciliation in our society,” added Mr Tamaryan.