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HACCP Certificate
Tuesday, 05 May 2015


The increasing consumer requirements for food safety and hygiene in the manufacturing process make the leading enterprises throughout the world introduce the model of the preventative food safety management based on the principles - HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point).

The domestic policy of AGROLIGA GROUP PLC is also aimed at obtaining the final product of high quality.

That is why the process of sunflower oil production in the company “Agrokom Novaya Vodolaga” is organized to meet the strict requirements for the production safety of Ukrainian and international quality standards. The process of certification is drawing to its completion.

The first stage of the certification of manufacturing according to the standard HACCP – 4161 has been completed. The Certificate of Conformity that the system of safety management of vegetable oil manufacturing complies with DSTU (State Standards of Ukraine) 4161-2003 “Systems of Food Safety Management” has been registered.

As we know HACCP was developed specifically for the food industry and was first applied in the USA in 1960s to provide safe food for space expeditions. Unlike other quality control systems based on periodic testing of raw materials and finished products HACCP provides for permanent control at all stages of manufacturing. Obtaining this certification demonstrates that the enterprise has the balanced system of early identification and elimination of risks affecting the quality and food safety of our sunflower oil.

The second stage provides for the certification of production according to international standard ISO 22000: 2005. This standard was approved by the international organization for certification of ISO, it combines the requirements of ISO 9001 and HACCP, and is based on compliance with legal and regulatory requirements for manufacturing. Currently, we have done all necessary preparatory work and implemented all requirements prescribed by this standard. The certificate - ISO 22000: 2005 is expected to be registered in September of this year.

These certificates guarantee the high quality of our products, will contribute to the increase of our products competitiveness in foreign markets, and ensure the growth of consumer confidence in products manufactured under the brand name AGROLIGA GROUP.