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Start of the new season
Monday, 30 March 2015

The early spring of this year gives the Group of Companies "Agroliga" the opportunity to start field works earlier than we expected. The inter-season preliminary works were performed earlier and it helped the company start the new season fully equipped.

Traditionally, the new marketing year began with the assessment of winter crops state and feeding the sprouts to get them ready for vegetation. After conducting the full laboratory analysis and inspection of the fields, the company agronomists noted the excellent condition of winter rapeseed and wheat. In addition, an early thaw allowed finishing the dressing of early shoots with liquid fertilizer (CNM) by the mid March.

The spring sowing of wheat and barley is almost completed. The company engineers are busy preparing the equipment for sowing sunflower and maize.

But favorable weather conditions are not the only characteristic of the beginning of the new season. It is well known that the cost of the majority of material and technical resources for the final consumer depends on the monetary and financial market situation because it contains the exchange rate component. Unfortunately, recent developments in the political and economic spheres have led to a significant rising cost of almost all materials and equipment involved in the production process.

However, despite the significant increase of the cost of materials and equipment, the company management does not intend to cut spending on the fundamentals of good harvest. In particular, it was decided to leave the existing regulations of fertilization unchanged and also not to skimp on seed and crop protection. It is important to focus our attention on the improvement of economic efficiency of the production process and successful sales of future harvest.

So, in order to improve the accuracy of tilled crops seeding and optimization of the terms of fertilization, two vacuum pneumatic drills - SP 8F 70 5800 were purchased by the beginning of the season 2015 – 2016. This equipment represents a new generation of precise and versatile systems and is the result of years-long engineering development of the prominent Italian company “Gaspardo”. The devices of this series are equipped with the latest seed metering units – SP, the alarm systems and hydraulic markers that ensure maximal accuracy and eliminate losses at sowing. The comparatively high working speed and capacity of tanks for seed and fertilizer allow achieving high levels of productivity.

Within the program of vehicle fleet renovation the wheel medium tractors “MTZ-892” were additionally purchased in Belarus. During the years of operation these tractors have proven to be universal “workhorses” with maximum efficiency and reliability.

In addition to the technical component development, much attention has been paid to the stocking of seed material.

This year the management has decided to expand the area under cultivation of high oleic sunflower hybrids, which are analogue to olive oil, and are highly regarded in Western Europe. Under this program the hybrid seeds produced by the firms “EuralisSemences” and “DowSeeds” were provided for sowing.

The acreage for corn was experimentally divided between mid-season hybrids with high growth potential bought from the leading originators “Limagrain” and “Monsanto”. The forward contract on future harvest of corn was signed with the company Syngenta under the partnership program.