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Message of General Director of “Agroliga Group” PLC
Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Dear colleagues, partners, investors,

The outgoing year was not easy it brought us a lot of challenges and trials.  Some of such challenges were unpredictable weather conditions so to get good crop we had to manoeuvre between the additional agricultural activities and changes in planned terms of planting and harvesting.

Also, it is not a secret, that the conflict in the south-eastern Ukraine had and continues to have, the negative impact on the investment attractiveness of business, and influences the economy of the whole country.

But, in spite of the circumstances, we continue to demonstrate stable work and a steady growth of business activities of our Group of companies.

In the outgoing year we have done a lot to achieve this.

Focusing on export increase, the company management succeeded in diversification of risks and considerable marketing development for finished products, and also foreign currency earnings, thereby compensating the extra costs caused by inflation in the country.

Moreover, the investments into vehicle fleet renovation allowed getting the substantial increase in field work productivity while saving fuel and repairing costs.

I would like to express my special thanks to the personnel of the company because, in spite of poor weather conditions, you all managed to get good crop and sow winter crops in time. Your professionalism provided for the stability of further growth and reliable safety factor for the next year.

I would like to address our investors and stress that the tendency to decreasing of the price of our company shares in the WSE market during several recent months is connected only to temporary political tension. The events taking place in the south-east of our country do not affect the operation of our companies. On the contrary, I consider the main achievement of our work is the accomplishment of all our goals declared 1,5 years ago long before the conflict escalation and in spite of the complicated political and economic situation in our country.

I am sure that with stabilizing of the political situation we can expect the development of favourable investment climate, and accordingly the cost increase of “AGROLIGA GROUP” shares will be inevitable.

Dear colleagues, partners, investors, on the Eve of Christmas and New Year, I would like to thank you all for the hard work, cooperation and confidence.

I wish you stability, prosperity and inexhaustible creative energy.

I am convinced the New Year will bring us prosperity and further development and growth.


Sincerely yours,

Alexander Berdnik