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Sizing Up
Monday, 13 October 2014
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As the marketing year 2013/2014 is almost over, the agrarians of the eastern region of Ukraine are finishing autumn sowing and harvesting of cultivated crops.

The Director General of "Agroliga", Alexander Berdnik, in his interview to local media summarized the season:

- How did the complicated weather conditions influence the winter crops planting and preparing soil for the winter?

- In spite of the whims of nature, by the beginning of October the personnel was able to complete all field works two weeks before the scheduled dates. Moreover, the sowing of winter crops was completed in optimal terms, and the steady rains during last two weeks of September were the additional stimulus for plants development.

What area was allocated for winter crops sowing this year?

- Comparing with the previous year we have increased the area for winter crops by more than 1,000 hectares. In 2014/2015, in total, 2800 hectares of land were allocated for winter crops, of which wheat was planted on 2,000 hectares, barley – on 200 hectares and winter rape – on 600 hectares.

- At the beginning of spring the company’s official website informed about experimental sowing of sunflower and corn, have you obtained the results?

The results of the experiment with highly productive sunflower hybrids from originators «RAGT», «Syngenta», «Limagrain» and «Pioner» have exceeded all our expectations.

Due to timely performed agro-technical steps, we were able to achieve the potential of the seed and reach the record yield index - 43.5 c/ha on the average. The sunflower was harvested from 2,900 hectares. More than 12,600 ton of oilseed was milled. We are also pleased with the results of dredge corn harvesting. The hybrids “Makksaliya” and “Rulekks” manufactured by the European leading company RAGT SEMENCES gave 59 and 61 t/ha of “golden grain” respectively.

-         Are you planning to carry out new experiments this year, possibly with winter crops?


- As for making choice about winter wheat seed we traditionally decided on the quality variety of domestic production – “Bogdan”, which repeatedly gives the yield of more than 55 t/ha. The experimental fields were allocated for winter rape crops where the modern hybrids of rapeseed NC “Technik” and NC “Petrol” have been planted, and the partnership program with the originator “Syngenta” has been also carried out successfully.

- What other possibilities for your company development can you mention?

One of the most important factors hindering the further increase of crop capacity is lack of moisture. In 2015 the company is planning to implement the project for irrigation of fields allocated for corn and legumes.